Forever Soul Mates

After the second howl into the air she sent, No reply, no bark, no howl, what is wrong, what could this of meant?

Ears perked and tail high, she pads lightly back to her home, If her mate was lost, every inch of forest she would comb, Worry weighed heavy on her heart, thinking of her mate, Wonders if he is out hunting, and is only late?

Suddenly her nose twitches, hit with a familiar, yet poisoned scent,

Growling fiercely, she knew what this meant,

Her soft pad quickly moves to a run in one swift sprint, Arriving in a small clearing watching her mate being attacked by the one, who they call Bear,

Her mate barks harshly, "You come no closer my mate, don't you dare!"

Out looking for food to feed them both the herds soon to come, Crossed the paths of an angry mother Bear, who had her young ones early, mind so careless and numb.

For food was a bit scarce this last winter, there was not one herd to be found, Moving forward, hackles raised, she goes to help her mate, She and her mate now rejoined within the stars.. never to be apart..

By: ©Brooke M. a.k.a. Spirit Wolf

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