Spirits Awake

I walk through the woods, Listening to the foot steps around me
They see my spirit and know me by her.
I stop and hear the howls in the wind blowing trough my hair
Im lost yet they find me, and scared but they care
I look to the sky and stare at the moon

I feel a change and my spirits awake
My spine changes and my Hands and feet become paws
my mouth and nose melt into one.
I see them walking towards me with wagging tails
I lift my nose to the moon and I howl thanks to him for release me.

I neal in approval for the packs invitation and join the Wolves,
My brother and sisters of the night have accepted me for my inner wolf and I shall live with them
The sun arises and the pack walks away, I sit and wait for the change
My mouth and nose are two and I have hands and feet
I walk back into the sun and go back to my life and wait for the moon
To release me once again to roam with my pack.

By: ©S_A_N_G_Omiroku

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