The Chase

Great spirit above and creator of all life,
Grant me the swiftness and eagerness to push on, no strife, My family needs food, I dare not fail,
I can see them now, whimpers and many a tucked tail,
Eyes and ears fixed forward, they shall not shift,
A large prey I must bring down, much meat I must lift,
Distant echoes of my mate cry out to the night,
My wolven heart beats faster, my paws numb, I know I must fight,
With a heavy head and weary is my body,
Gazing upon the stars that little the black sky, never gaudy,
I know there is nothing that can stop me now,
Nothing to turn me away from what I have found, as I crouch almost to a bow,
Muscles trembling, keeping back every temptation to spring out,
Many a deer stray from their home, many scattered about,
One catching my eye, one with not much might,
Sticking out like a black wolf upon snow so white,
Patience is the key to this game of life,
The hunger pains cutting deep with! in like a thousand knifes,
Finally seeing my chance, bounding from my hiding place,
As they all scatter gracefully and swift, like leather and lace,
At last I spot my prey in which will remove my stomach pains,
Following this one all the way to the great plains,
Finding my opportunity, I attack, with one swift move,
Thinking about my family back at home, knowing I cannot lose,
A quick bite to the throat,
One last bellow was the deer�s final note,
Lifting my bloodied muzzle to the sky and howl to my mate,
"Soon I shall be home with food for all, I shall not be late!"

By: ©Brooke M. a.k.a. Spirit Wolf

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