The Truth

There was a time long ago when i fought the greatest wolf one has ever seen. He was white, with amber eyes that pierced my soul and a strong body that blazed with power and dominance. I trespassed on his territory and angered him, he growled, warning me that were i stood was his land, and there i had no right to be.

"but i am a warrior" so i said to the wolf, "this forest is all mine and i shall walk where i please, for i am a man and you are only a beast," so the wolf growled at me again and bared his fangs at me, warning me for the last time that this was his territory. So to showed him that i was a man and a warrior, i fought him, bare-handed, without my knife or sword. It was a good fight, full of courage and heart, and the victor was excellent and noble. So noble was he that, at the end, when he had my throat between his teeth and could have killed me with one effortless move, he let me go and walked away. I stared back at him in shock, unable to comprehend why the monster had speared my life, "why did you do that wolf for i am your enemy, if you were a man i would have been dead instantly."

He stopped and looked back at me one more time, his wise amber eyes pierced my heart more deeply then any sward and arrow i ever took to my flesh, "I give you back your life, my enemy" he said to me, "because you are only a man, and i am a beast" and in that instant, and i watched him retrieve into his darkening kingdom, I realized who the monster really was.

By: ©Vanya Bosiocic

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