The Wolf

The Wolf,
She sits alone and feeds,
Her fur as black as night,
She looks around and smiles,
Blood on her paw apparent,
If you sit and watch her,
Her eyes will watch you back,
Her head throws back and she howls,
The moon shines bright in the sky,
And she thinks of the one she loved,
His body lies in the forest,
As nature takes it course,
But his death was not of nature,
It was man that was this cause,
Her pups lie home and whimper,
Their hunger now apparent,
The mother does not hear them,
Her sorrow is too much,
And meanwhile in the forest,
The hunter carries his gun,
Hunting for the fur coat,
That his wife will one day wear.
The mother wolf sits and feeds,
Her babies are all gone,
Her smiles a little wistful,
Thoughts of years gone by,
In the distance she can hear,
The wolves crying to the sky,
And finally she throws her head back,
And sings her sorrow to the sky,
But then a new note enters,
It's one of hunger too,
And animals around shiver at the sound,
Her teeth still have their sharpness,
Her fur still gleams and shines,
And next time I will tell you,
Of the child that she found.

By: ©lonerwolf

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