I am a wolf. I have been called many names by man, pestilence, pest, witch, but they are not right.

My name is Thratch.
I am part of the Shadow Mountain tribe.
I once was sent away by my father, but I returned, strong and proud. My father would not apologize, and he attacked. This is my story.

The first thing I saw in this world was a small tunnel. three walls were made of rock and stone and snow, but the fourth was a bright shining light. My mother did not let me go near this wall, but every day, I, alone, rejected from play with the other pups, saw my father and other wolves enter and exit through this hole. they kept bringing food, and then left. As I and my brothers and sisters grew stronger, I stood out more and more. My dark fur grew darker, until, if I laid down in shadow, I could hide myself from Rabbitchaser and the other pups who tormented me. My Ice-Blue eyes grew more blue each day, till finally I could stare Rabbitchaser down. that was one of my finest qualities. I had a hypnotizing stare, not unlike a snake. I could stop a rabbit in it's tracks by staring at it. Then one fate full day, as I ran with Snowfire, my only friend, the entire pack came to me. My father, Darkshadow, looked at me with a sneer.

"You are to leave Thratch, leave and never return. If you do, I will kill you myself."

I felt my self trembling with anger. I bared my teeth, and then caught myself. If I attacked my father now, even Snowfire would shun me, even if my father did not kill me himself. I turned around and blazed up the trail, a dark arrow spinning up the mountain. At an out hanging I turned and looked at the wolves still standing there. I opened my mouth to howl.

"Wait for me Darkshadow, I will return. Wait for me Darkshadow, I will return. Wait for me, Snowfire, I will return. Wait for me, Snowfire, I will return."

I saw my father gathering wolves to come after me, so I ran. I ran for three days till I found an area bountiful with caribou. I stayed there for a year, hunting caribou and growing stronger and smarter, more cunning. I also developed an unusual talent. I could see things that I knew hadn't happened, but would. I learned that if I tried to usurp my father's position, then I would triumph, and at the time win over Snowfire, one of my greatest hopes, but if I attacked my father, my firstborn would do the same to me, and forever on for the rest of existence.

I battled on this with my self for almost a month, then I returned to Shadow Mountain. As I looked down, I saw my father sitting in the middle of the circle of my pack. As I ran down the side of the mountain, I howled;

"Darkshadow, I have returned. Darkshadow I have come to right the wrong."

My father saw me coming, and tried to rouse the wolves to attack me. I halted.

"Darkshadow, I have returned to take my place in the tribe. I am your son. Accept me."

My father growled and attacked in answer.

I lunged below his charging body, and shoved him in the air with my paws.

He flew into Shadow Mountain lake, and before we could move to him, He sank below the lake.

I turned to Rabbit chaser, my old rival, only to see him grinning.

"Good brother Thratch. We have starved for the last year since you left, many of us died, including your mother."

I started to nod, when I saw the young pups running back and forth. I pointed to them, and asked who their mother was, if mine was dead.

Rabbitchaser gave me a pained look. He beckoned, and I followed him. He led me to a den, where Snowfire was laying, feeding the new pups. I felt pained, looking at her. Rabbitchaser growled in agreement.

"Your father asked if she would be the new female alpha, but she refused. He forced her, and...well."

Just then, Snowfire looked up. She saw me and stared like I was a ghost. I ran into the den and laid down in front of her. We licked each other, and I told her the whole story.

It is half a year later, and I am now the alpha male. My first born, a lively pup by the name of Longtooth, is growing up, and I sense soon I will die. However, life is short, but joyful, and I don't want to waste any of it. Thank you for reading my story. I feel like playing with my pups.

By: ©Alex McCarthy

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