To the Sky

Raising his blood-stained muzzle to the sky, Phantom wondered how it would all turn out. His pack, full of worthy, strong wolves was falling apart. His mate sick, but soon to be well with pups on the way. Phantom gnashed his teeth and returned to his meal, ripping at the raw caribou flesh. His mate, Tanja strode up beside him gracefully, sweeping her silver streaked head under his ruff. Phantom flinched at her touch, then his golden yellow eyes stared down at her. How beautiful she was, her rime-silver fur, those doey brown eyes. She brushed by him and started eating at the caribou carcass. He opened his mouth in a wolf-grin. The rest of his pack, the seven other members, betas and omegas alike were together. The yearlings of before there too. They stood, watching the two alphas share a meal, waiting as the snow began to fall. The snow peppered the sky, falling to the ground, covering it in white velvet.

As the two mates finished their feast, the other wolves closed in. Licking her chops, Tanja walked away from the carcass. She walked away and flicked her tail at Phantom's nose. She sat at the edge of the forest. Phantom looked up at the approaching wolves. He watched them, stepping away from the kill, He recognized all the members of his pack. Jahotec, his strong and powerful beta. Brother, friend and fierce fighter. The icy white wolf walked towards the caribou and began to feast, sinking his teeth into the flank. Then came the two females, both a tawny red shade walked behind Jahotec, their names were Ryn and Riika. Riika brushed by her brother Kyo and ran to the feast. Then came the distempered ones. Lupa, Augen, Zai and of course, the Sero. Sero and his group were to overthrow the alpha. He knew..but how to change him?

By: ©Aimee Yuna

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