Wolf and His Assassins

Flash of black across the plain
Repeating into the distance
Loping canine,fangs of white

Over paths of wooded stretches
Woven forward as the reeds of baskets
Step after step,paw prints in the new earth
The call of wind in his ears

He hears the cried of the tore up earth
He scents the blood of dying stars
The wail of the mournful wind
The scream of nature's scars

But he can not stop this madness
Nor can he prevent it
For if the wolf stresses concern
He lies dead upon the bleeding grass

And if you ask the frequent question
Of this forgotten lore
Who these dreaded killers are
World and wolf shall scream their answer

And ever after wail it to the moon
For the demons of this deed
Are close at hand

And every fallen tree and howling wolf proclaims;

The killers are staring at this tale this very moment!

By Taren (Werewolf Mage)

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