Wolf Forever

Rachel was just turning fifteen that day. She felt giddy and ready for anything. In the market she sang and danced alone.

Later that evening she felt sad. For she had no friends anywhere. She hummed to herself then went to bed.

At around midnight, she heard a lonely howl from a wolf. It wasn't far away. The wolf was somewhere in the forest surrounding her home. She got out of bed, threw on some clothes, and went out her window.

On her way into the forest she stopped by the shed and grabbed her bow and her pack of arrows. You never know when I'll need them. She continued straight into the forest. That was when the pain took over her. Her bones twisted in every which way. She cried out in agony. What was happening to her? She fell onto her knees which were now bent the opposite way. Her nose and mouth melted into a long snout. She howled. Suddenly the pain stopped. A black wolf came out of the forest and nudged her up. She walked on four paws to the river near by. When she looked into it, she saw her reflection. She was a wolf, a beautiful white wolf with golden eyes. She turned around to face her helper. He stood there with love in his eyes. She knew were she belonged.

She was no longer Rachel. She is now MoonWolf, the mate of ShadowWolf, her black wolf friend, her lover.

by WolfSpirit

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