Wolf My Guide

I wander the wilderness alone, the tears burn down my frozen cheeks.
I am lost and far from home, exhausted I crumple to my knees.
I gaze to the mountains peak, soon it will be dark.
I am cold and I am weak, to push on I know I must.

But strength I cannot spare, so I lay upon the snow.
Watch my breath in the air, seeing where it will go.
My thoughts bring me back to the wolf not far away.
Lying so still within the trap, death came to her today.

The pain inside me grows, I simply cannot understand.
Why the Wolf they chose to banish from this land.
My life I'd gladly give, if it would only bring her back.
I wanna see her live, be united with her pack.

I close my eyes, they are sore and await for death's embrace.
I cannot go on anymore, the pain soon erased.
Within the darkened night I am awakened suddenly.
A Wolf gave me quite a fright, but it is her I see!

Silvery fur against the Moon, her eyes filled with love.
She sings a beautiful tune, like an angel from high above.
I felt the tears flow again as I held onto her so tight.
Numbness turned to pain, she kept me warm that night.

By the warmth of the sun, I awaken to see her leave.
She tells me her work's nearly done, I'm to get back on my feet.
Whenever you feel lost inside or even feel alone.
Call on Wolf to be your guide, I will take you home.

Follow now she says, you'll see, tread now in my path.
You were wanting to give your life for me, I give you something back.
That happened four years ago, I recalled it best I could.
I smile quite often as I know, she still roams within the woods.

I call upon her often still, she's wise and pure at heart.
A love no one can ever fill, I know we'll never part.
Should next time a Wolf you meet, take the time to understand.
Put down your gun, learn to speak and listen...
You'll learn much about this land!

by Danceswitsacredlandscape (Barb Campbell©)

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