Alone, high up on a mountaintop
A wolf sings of her despair
To the moon above, of a forlorn love
Her tale echoes on the cold night air

With naught but the wind as a friend
To join in her sad lonely cry
Lost and alone, and searching for home
The wolf and the moon in the sky

As the echoing notes die away
There comes an answering plea
To the sound turns her ear, she hears it so clear
"I'm coming, so please wait for me"

So she waits for the one who responded
And then she saw him appear
A wolf just as she, and longing to be
The one to ease all of her fear

He lifted his voice with a question
His song sweet as the croon of a dove
When she looked in his eyes, to her surprise
All she could see was his love

And so she answered his query
With her heart, her soul and her mind
Together give voice, to hope and rejoice
The wolves who are two of one kind

by Moontyger2786

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