Wolf girl, and Fox boy

There was a young girl named Kia and her brother mike. there parent had left them to die in the forest. A fox come over and looked at the boy and said " I will take you in and treat you like my own. You will then protect all foxes in the forest".

The boy said goodbye to his sister and left. Then out come a pure white wolf named Vivian. She looked at the Kia and said "I will take you in and treat you like my own. then you will protect every wolf in the forest." The girl and the wolf left. 14 years later the girl fought wildly like a wolf and become the leader of Vivians pack. Kia could change into a wolf. Mike he fought like a fox, he was sly and cunning like the wolf.

One day Kia and Mike were forced to fight to the death. Mike and Kia forgot that they were brother and sister. They fought and Kia badly wounded him. Then she realized that she had fought her own brother. She then swore that she would protect every animal in the forest. Unless she had to kill it for food. Kia then become princess of the earth and the protector of all creatures.

by Stephanie, age 14©

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