A Wolf's Life Journey

A young male wolf soon leaves his home,
To go out into the world and make it his own.
There are lessons he must learn, things he must do,
He must become himself, to his heart he must be true.

Far away to another place is where he will go,
Somewhere that many others had gone to grow.
There he will learn who he is and who he must become,
Only after that final lesson is learned can he say he is done.

He makes this journey and will soon head back home,
Somewhere along the way he soon finds that he is not alone.
Another young wolf is sniffing his track,
He looks over quick and turns to attack.

With a gleaming eye he gives his lip a curl,
He stops fast in shock, surprised that its a girl.
She lowers her head and approaches him slow,
He greets her with excitement and off they go.

They play for a while traveling many miles together,
Side by side they stay through both clear and stormy weather.
Soon he realizes that after the many miles they have gone,
He has made it back, they have arrived at his old home.

The two had both traveled far and away,
Now they have come to where they will stay.
He has found exactly who he needed to be,
This is where he will stay and live happy and free.

By Mary Spain©

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