Kia - A Wolfs Love for a Leopard

Thousands upon thousands of years ago a legend was told by the to great clans, this is the legend know for of Kai and Midnight's eve.

Many say that wolves travel in there pack and many say that animals should stay with there own kin....but this wolf is different for he does not care much what other wolves do or what the other animals think...for he loves a Leopard and that is normally Forbidden for animals to love other animals like that. He travels alone searching for peace and his lost love but every time he gets closer, she gets further. He encounters many dangers on his quest and many friends, but doesn't stay long to make himself rememberable.

One day, he goes out and crosses path's with another wolf and they stare each other down...the other wolf is part of the Kodaspring clan, his name is Kido, a strong and wise alpha leader that was on a way home from hunting and thought that Kai was going to steal his far share of the catch for himself, so he was ready and in defense mode. Kai did not like the idea that they were going to fight so he turned his back and walked away. Kido was confused by now and thought he was retreating to get his clan, so he attacked Kai. He tore at his side and scratched his right eye, making it a deep wound and blood of chunks flying everywhere. Kai stood up and still walked away, searching for his loved one, no time to waist was all he was thinking. Kido saw that he did not want to fight and figured he was no threat so picked he fare and left. Kai continued into the thick,foggy, forest until he came across an open field of hard,rocky ice land, for he was leaving the land he knew his whole life and would probably never return to Woodfall ever again. So he set forth for the long journey ahead, with high hopes of seeing Midnight's eve very soon.

Kai was beginning to get dizzy from the wounds he was placed by from Kido and passed out on the icy cold ground. About a week later, he awoke to a cave of moss and trees so dark that light barely even shown threw the trees, he got up and went to the open area and meet up with a group of leopards. He looked around and realized that he was in the land called Piana, land of the Cats. He looked up to see the moon, only, the moon and sun was out and they had the sign of Leo, both were dark but shown light. Kai found this place fascinating and went on the search to find his love, he knew she was close by, he could smell her. He howled to let her know he was there and sure enough she came running to him. But she was attacked by a group of larger Leopards and dragged by the tail and neck to an opening in front of every clan member of Piana to be judged for treason. Kai went for her aid but was struck down. He awoke next to her and saw that the leopards were going to put them to death for her falling in love with a wolf and for a wolf to set foot on sacred land. Kai saw that Midnight's eve was scared not for her, but for him, and went to aid off the leopards but was being over-powered, so Kai went for her assistance and they were able to make an opening threw them and ran for cover.

They hide until the opening was clear and left Piana to find a new life elsewhere, were they would be accepted. Before they could even set a paw out of Piana, a group of wolves and leopards were gathered there and the Alpha leader of Woodfall, Kou, and the leader of Piana, Lansing, were in front of the two great clans to stop Kai and Midnight's eve from leaving. Kai's clan had tracked him down for leaving sanctuary of the land and had to punish him. Lansing was to decide what he should do to his daughter, the daughter of the clans leader! The leopards decide that she would be killed on sight and went for her throat. Midnight's eve heard a loud rip and the sound of flesh being torn and blood filling the air, but she felt no pain.. were did it come from she wondered? she looked down and saw that it was Kai, he had jumped in front of the attacking leopard and took the fatal kill to the throat. Midnight's eve saw he love fall and was as cold as the ice land ground. Both clans saw the tears of the leopard leaders daughter, fall to the ground and die next to her loved one.

The sky above started to shake and acid ran fell down upon the land like boulders, the ground shook and caved upward causing mountains to form, the moon shook away from the sun and disappeared and the sun was like a bright fire and no more shady and full of dark. The trees grew greener and some even turned different colors, the ground shot up grass that resembled small tiny trees over the icy land. The icy land was no more. The planet was blowing strong winds of anger.�The clans looked down at the two dead bodies and saw there bodies no more, but to turn into a mere spirit being shot around all over there planet and disappear as a bright blue light. The clans believed that a wolf's love caused all of this and called it a wolves curse. The believe every time the sky bleeds the water, a love one is lost and Kai feels there pain as he did when he lost his own love. When the earth shakes, it is when someone is pain and Kai shows his pain, when the sun comes out and the moon is gone, it shows that Kai is watching all of us, and when the sun goes down and the moon comes up, Kai is protecting us.

And when the wind blows, it is Kai running with Midnight's eve.

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