Eyes of A Wolf (Part 1)

Ever so piercing
Looking for prey,
Trudging through snow
On a cold winter day.
What belies behind
Those mystical eyes
When he comes upon
The prey he spies?

wolf eyes

Basic instinct
Survival is a must,
He licks his lips
His prey he lusts.
With swift cunning
He lunges and leaps,
His prey has befallen
Beneath his feet.

This is the wild
In this beautiful creature,
Teaches to his young
He becomes the teacher.
To many, a pet
He has become,
But dangerous still he
To most anyone.

Behind those eyes
Lies many a tale,
The mystery behind them
Is without fail.
So sleek and beautiful
A creature as he,
Yet gentle and aloof
As he can be.

Understand the wolf
He's just trying to survive,
Let's respect the beauty
By keeping him alive.
They'll be extinct
If we don't understand,
The mystery of the eyes
Can be gentle to man.

Eyes of A Wolf (Part 2)

by Robert Mosteller

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