Eyes of A Wolf (Part 2)

The eyes of the wolf
Has tales to tell,
The legends and lore
He knows so well.
From survival and feasting
On the vast plain,
From blinding blizzards
And torrential rain.

They have seen it all
As the Indians have,
Almost extinct
As the buffalo calf.
Beautiful creatures
Who stand with pride,
Few do live
And most have died.

His last request
Is a howl at the moon,
Telling his brothers
We'll be extinct real soon.
If you look into his eyes
You will see a tear,
His howl he bellows
Is all you will hear.

If mankind would stop
And try to save,
The wolf would flourish
Again one day.
Let's save these beautiful
Mystical eyes,
To tell more tales
That are so wise.

The eyes of the wolf
Has tales to tell,
His howl at the moon
We know so well.

Eyes of A Wolf (Part 1)

by Robert Mosteller

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